What to Expect

We receive many questions about what a typical class would look like.

Our program is a non-traditional, non-religious yoga program.

Our classes will not look like a yoga class held at an adult yoga studio. We do not use Sanskrit terms to describe our poses but rather use everyday objects/themes to explain the poses. For example, Butterfly Pose, Tree Pose, Dog Pose, Rocket Pose, etc.

Our classes are FUN, active, engaging with all of the benefits that yoga provides. Our curriculum was designed by Ontario Certified Teachers and Registered Children's Yoga Instructors with children in mind. We realize that children want to be Active, playful and have FUN. That is why we designed our classes to include props, music and games that teach yoga & mindfulness in a playful way.

Here is an example of some fun yoga activities we may do in a typical Preschool Class:


Did you know most of us do not breathe correctly?


You heard that right!


When we become adults we tend to take shallow breaths in our chests. The correct and healthy way to breathe should come from our bellies. We teach breathing in all of our classes and HOW we teach it differs by age group. In a preschool class we may use a parachute to practice our deep breaths. Example: We raise the parachute we breathe in, we lower the parachute we breathe out.

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