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Corporate Wellness

Little Yogis has partnered with Welloga to provide wellness to corporate employees and their families. We are honoured to be able to provide adult and family yoga classes, wellness seminars, workshops and more virtually for many top tier corporations worldwide. 

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Mindfulness Sessions

Weekly or Biweekly quick Mindfulness sessions to start your day. Learn stress relieving techniques like breathwork, meditation, mindfulness and more.

Session length: 20 minutes


Adult Beginner Yoga

Ease the stress of the workday with lunchtime or pre/post workday virtual yoga with one of our experienced virtual instructors. Choose from beginner to advanced yoga instruction.

Session length: 30 Min to 1 hour

Our Programs


Family Yoga

Let’s face it - many families are working and schooling together at home during the pandemic. We offer yoga for the whole family. Many of our partners opt for family yoga sessions during holidays, spring break, Christmas break and more!

Session length: 30 Min to 1 hour


Wellness Workshops

We offer several wellness workshops that will help bring more balance into your life, ease stress and teach you valuable life skills to keep you on your feet long term. To see a full list of our offerings click here.

Sessions length: 30 minutes to 1 hour

We started working with Little Yogis in December 2020 to give families and our employees activities to do during the holidays.  Foresters’ purpose is to give back to our members and communities, so we felt it was fitting to do so during the lockdowns by supporting local small businesses.


The holiday yoga classes were so well received that we started 2021 with a Mindfulness 101 lunch & learn and scheduled bi-weekly meditation/mindfulness and bi-weekly virtual yoga classes for employees so they can take the time to look after their mental and physical wellbeing.  We recently conducted a survey to gain insights on how these sessions have been received – the feedback: keep it up, increase the frequency to allow schedule flexibility, and mix it up during the work day and off-hours.


We are so pleased that employees value our collaboration with Little Yogis!

Ken Adams, Forester's Insurance