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Frequently asked questions

What age can my child start your program?

We recommend that children start yoga at 2.5 years old, however we do teach students as young as 18 months old in our daycare program. 2.5 is a great age as the child will be able to start practicing skills like balance and coordination, while also learning about how their bodies move.

Is your program religious? Do you use Sanskrit or chanting in your classes?

Our program is a non-traditional yoga program. Our classes will not look like a yoga class held at an adult yoga studio. Our classes are FUN, active, engaging with all of the benefits that yoga provides. Our curriculum was designed by Ontario Certified Teachers and Registered Children's Yoga Instructors with children in mind. We realize that children want to be Active, playful and have FUN. That is why we designed our classes to include props, music and games that teach yoga & mindfulness in a playful way.

I have a boy, will they like doing yoga? Or will they think it's too boring?

We get this question a lot! Yoga is NOT just for girls. Because our program is active and fun, both boys and girls can enjoy it. When it comes to our older male students (all boys schools) we focus on things like strength, endurance and flexbility to improve athletic performance. We include activities like balance challenges that test their skills. Trust me, your boy(s) will love yoga.

Do you offer a Children's Yoga Certification?

We are currently developing our own certification program that is launching in the fall of 2021. Stay tuned for updates by subscribing to our newsletter.

I want to host a yoga camp, but I don't have a big enough backyard. What do I do?

Don't fret, we can still make it work. We often host groups at a nearby park instead.

I would love to get my child started in yoga! What isthe best way to start?

We are so happy you want to get your child started in yoga. The best way to start is by practicing at home with them. You can use flash cards to demonstrate poses or do a family yoga class together in your home. They can also attend one of our virtual classes or gather a group of kids in your neighbourhood and get them started with our yoga camps.

I would love my child to participate in your yoga camp, but I don't have a group of 5 kids. Can we join another?

Absolutely! Simply email us and let us know where you are located. If we have a group in session you can join them. Email us at littleyogisinfo@gmail.com.

I am a student and I would love to volunteer and work with your team for experience. Do you offer internships?

We do allow passionate students looking to start a career in children's yoga to learn from our experienced teachers. Email us at littleyogisinfo@gmail.com and we can set up an interview to meet you.

I'd like to bring your program to my school. How do I do that?

Typically we work with the parent council of the school OR the principal directly. If you'd like to see our program run at your school, recommend us, then send our contact information for them to get in touch. littleyogisinfo@gmail.com